Does Lemon Work As A Deodorant

Does Lemon Work As A Deodorant? And Why?

Of all the fruits in the citrus family, lemons are arguably the most versatile. From zapping zits to keeping your guacamole green, there are literally hundreds of ways to use lemons in our daily lives. In the 1700s, women believed that dipping sponges in lemon juice and using their rinds as a cervical cap (yes, really) would prevent pregnancy. While that odd-but-true myth was busted many moons ago, throughout the decades, lemons have been an at-home go-to remedy for cleaning our homes, healing our bodies and lifting our spirits.

The struggle to smell fresh and keep perspiration under control is real. Ten years ago, only a few safe deodorant options were on the market and none were a match for a hot yoga session. As more people begin to question the toxic chemicals they are rubbing into their skin on the regular, the demand for natural beauty products has never been greater.

While science confirms that lemons are an effective natural antiperspirant, few of us are raising our hands to swipe slices under our armpits. Let’s face it: it’s not the most practical practice, especially when we are on the go or traveling. As busy bees with work, social and family commitments, we invest in easy solutions, like mini beauty products we can pop into our handbags, so we are never without our trusted essentials.

There’s a good reason why many clean brands are incorporating lemons into their products. No longer do you have to choose between a deodorant or antiperspirant; the fruit has superhero powers to work effectively on both odor and wetness.

Here’s why lemons get the job done:

● Their citric acid kills bacteria and unwanted scents

● The fresh scent masks body odor

● Their astringent properties close pores

With any natural formula, it can take our bodies 2-4 weeks to adjust to the change and reach peak performance. During your detox with a clean and safe alternative, you may be wetter and more odorous (we know, not ideal). But remember, you are ridding your body of harmful aluminum-based chemicals and your body only needs to adjust to the change once, so be patient with mother nature, beauties. Like a romantic partner, it is well worth the wait.

Our pick for how to use real lemons to improve your overall quality of life? While getting your beauty rest, of course. Place a slice on your nightstand at bedtime and let the little but mighty yellow lemon fruit do its work while you have sweet dreams. Its tremendous homeopathic benefits include reducing stress and calming nerves, keeping allergies at bay and promoting a sense of relaxation.

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