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Meet Holly Eve

I have worked as a makeup artist in film, television, and print for many years. From runway shows in New York City to film sets in Los Angeles, I have seen every fad in dieting, skin care, and workout routines. Despite new, up and coming trends, two things that have continued to grow are the demand for all-natural products and ingredient transparency.


15 Unique Beauty Gifts for the Friend Who Has Everything

Deodorant might sound like a weird thing to get someone as a gift, but hear me out. This chic one from Madame Lemy comes in a cute puff form and a floral-adorned box that wouldn’t look out of place on a socialite’s vanity in the 1950s.

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Support These Brands During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

After a friend of the Madame Lemy Founder Holly Eve was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer, she began searching for a clean, nontoxic deodorant to swap with her antiperspirant. To her surprise, nothing on the market fit the bill for her. So she created her own, a unique powder formulation that cuts odor and helps the body regulate itself.


Glamour Meets Cruelty Free with Madame Lemy!

There is nothing better than feeling and smelling fresh from day to day. That’s where Madame Lemy comes to save your day with natural deodorant with a classy touch to make your first routine of the day fresh. Made with only natural ingredients in mind, this deodorant aims to have ingredients that we can all recognize and nothing that we cannot.


Cruelty-Free Cures for the Wintetime Blues

Deodorant is one of those everyday necessities that doesn’t ever feel like a treat. However, Madame Lemy has elevated this product to an elegant experience. The plastic-free packaging is absolutely gorgeous with romantic imagery reminiscent of the 1920s. 


Everyday Inspiration for the informed woman

This powder deodorant company is dedicated to zero-waste and pure ingredients like Himalayan salt.


Ditch Your Deodorant. Proven To Protect!

Have you ever needed an extra hand to combat underarm moisture & add an instant boost of freshness? Madame Lemy  to the rescue. This throwback deodorant powder & pouf are a blessing when it comes to drying up excess moisture in your underarms. 


March Cruelty Free Favorites

And last, but certainly not least, is the (vegan) Madame Lemy All Natural Powder Deodorant. I am not a natural deodorant girl , but I am SO into these powders! I use them to touch up throughout the day or right before date night with my guy. The packaging is gorgeous (love that vintage vibe!) and they smell amazing.