Holly Eve

With a decade-long career as a celebrity and TV makeup artist, Holly Eve saw every diet, skin care, and workout fad, as well as the growing demand for clean products and ingredient transparency in the beauty industry.

Her search for a natural deodorant that actually works began several years ago when a close friend developed metastatic breast cancer. She attributed the diagnosis to long-term toxic chemical exposure from deodorants and antiperspirants containing aluminum.

After educating herself about the dangerous ingredients present in everyday personal care products and testing dozens of natural brands, she discovered the powerful use of lemons for deodorant, and realized it was one of the best deodorants without aluminum that actually worked for her.

Knowing it was not practical to cut up lemons to deodorize, she found a way to turn them into powder. With the help of an Oxford-trained chemist, and a former VP of R&D for Elizabeth Arden, they perfected the formula that is Madame Lemy today––a non-toxic powder that is highly effective at absorbing moisture and keeping odor at bay.

"Our mission is dedicated to my dear friend Stefanie LaRue. After 12 years of bravely fighting, she lost her battle to breast cancer. Because of her, I am able to offer a clean and effective deodorant women can feel safe using. I look forward to launching more products, and maintaining my mission of using only ethically sourced, natural ingredients and sustainable, luxurious packaging.”

Holly is a contributing writer for Forbes and a frequent public speaker at conferences and on college campuses. She uses her platform to support female entrepreneurs, raise awareness about animal advocacy, and have candid conversations about mental health. She practices a vegan lifestyle, and has a rescue dog, Violet, who is Madame Lemy’s CPO (Chief Puppy Officer) and is featured on the company’s how-to tutorial video.